Purpose and Nature: Programs granting the Bachelor degree are designed primarily to qualify graduates to function as leaders or ministers and effective communicators, and to lead to the achievement of a holistic graduate profile appropriate to this award level.

Entrance Qualifications:

Successful completion of 12 years of schooling or its equivalent (In certain countries, this standard may vary.)

In special cases, mature candidates (aged 25 and above) who have not completed their schooling may be admitted upon fulfilling a qualifying assessment.

Graduation Requirements: The student passes an assessment of his or her achievement of the graduate profile for this award. The assessment includes the following:

Successful completion of 120 credit units,

Field education/practical ministry involvement that meets set requirements, and

Character, spiritual development, and ministry capacity that meets set requirements/standards.

Library and Learning Resources: Adequate and relevant resources, including appropriate online resources and major periodicals, are available to all students to support each area of the curriculum. These resources expose students to the range of scholarship within each subject area and are used to encourage appropriate levels of critical thinking.

Areas of Study: Bible & Exegesis, Introduction to Biblical Languages, Church History, Theology and Ethics, Practical Theology (Ministry-related courses: Pastoral, Missions, Christian Education, etc.), Religions, and Culture.