Purpose and Nature: Programs granting this Diploma are designed to qualify graduates to function in ministry, leading to the achievement of a holistic graduate profile appropriate to this award level.

Entrance Qualifications: Successful completion of 10 years of schooling, plus some experience as an apprentice in a trade, profession, and/or ministry.

Graduation Requirements: The student passes an assessment of his or her achievement of the graduate profile for this award. The assessment includes the following:

Successful completion of 72 credit units,

An assessment of field education/practical ministry involvement that meets set requirements, and

An assessment of character, spiritual development, and ministry capacity that meets set requirements/standards.

Access to Learning Resources: Adequate and relevant resources are available to all students to support the curriculum.

Areas of Study: Bible, Church History, Theology, Ethics, Practical Theology (Ministry-related courses: Pastoral, Missions, Christian Education, Issues in the Workplace, Responsible Citizenship, Discipleship, Evangelism, etc.)