Purpose and Nature: Programs granting the Master of Theology degree are designed primarily to qualify graduates to function as seminary lecturers, principal leaders, or ministers, especially those involved in teaching ministries. As a graduate level program, it requires the student to develop research methods for analyzing and evaluating issues and to develop the ability to communicate ideas effectively in oral or written dialogue. Normally, the attainment of analytic and evaluation skills will be demonstrated through the completion of a thesis or major papers. Completion of the degree program will include the achievement of the graduate profile appropriate to this award level.

Entrance Qualifications:

Successful completion of a Master of Divinity degree--or its equivalent from a recognized institution--with a B grade or equivalent GPA

Proficiency of an appropriate standard in a language(s) relevant to the field of study

Ministry experience in local churches or church-related ministries

Graduation Requirements: The student passes an assessment of his or her achievement of the graduate profile for this award. The assessment includes the following:

Successful completion of 30-36 credit units, inclusive of thesis of 20,000 words (6 credit units); completion of 30 credit units, inclusive of two major papers of 10,000 words each, as part of the course work; or completion of a major research thesis of at least 50,000 words and defended before an examination committee made up of experts in the subject area of the thesis, and

Character and spiritual development that meets set requirements/standards.

Library and Learning Resources: Adequate and relevant resources, including access to appropriate online resources and databases, major periodicals, and research journals, as well as access to other libraries or facilities, are available to all students to support each area of the curriculum. The resources enable students to achieve mastery in each of the subjects taught and in each of the disciplines available for thesis research.